Monday, September 21, 2015

Hadara's Shopkins Birthday Party on a Budget!

Last year, Hadara first heard about Shopkins from a YouTube video.  She received her first 12 pack for Christmas and she's enjoyed collecting and playing with these fun little toys ever since.   Shopkins are cute little plastic collectibles that are made up from grocery food, household objects and so much more!  Shopkins just released their season three line and are becoming more fun to collect.  It didn't surprise me when Hadara wanted to have a Shopkins birthday party this year.   Hadara and I had so much fun planning a Shopkins party on a budget that we wanted to share our ideas with you.  Since Shopkins were such a new toy,  there wasn't any birthday theme supplies to buy.   Our party ideas were pulled together with creative imagination on a budget.  We turned our home into Shopkins world and Hadara's party guests went shopping in the Small Mart kitchen.  It was a very easy birthday party to plan and I hope our ideas help you when planning your own.   Enough of me talking about it!  You can see for yourself.  We created a Shopkins birthday party series consisting of four videos that show our behind the scenes making the party and the actual party vlog.  Oh and don't forget to pin this post for all the photos and ideas!  Be sure to watch all four videos below.  Check you later! 


I ordered custom e-invitations and it was sent to my email ready to print or text!  So easy.  

Party Foods and Sweet Treats Table VIDEO!

Hadara the birthday girl!!  

Party Foods

Hadara wanted Italian food, so here's the party menu, Shopkins style of course.  

Shopkins Cupcakes 

Shopkins Decorations

Shopkins FREE Birthday Party Tutorial

Click Here for FREE Shopkins Birthday Party Banner Printable 

Shopkins Activities and Games 

Watch the VLOG above and see the birthday day unfold! 

Party guests ready to shop in Hadara's birthday small mart.  Each guest received their own Shopkins shopping bag to fill up with treats.  Then, they all colored a Shopkins character and created their own birthday hat.  Look at the little Shopkins shoppers!  

Hadara loved her birthday party and cheesecake in honor of her favorite Shopkins, Cheese Kate!  We also had ice-cream cups and passed out yummy cupcakes.  Every guest got to take home their cupcake Shopkin that Hadara gave away from her own collection.

Hope you enjoyed seeing how we created a Shopkins birthday party on a budget!  

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Blessings and Shalom, 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Summer Movie Day vlog! Inside Out, Shopping and American Girl Package

Hi friends! We saw the movie, Inside Out!  Every summer, we pick a movie to watch together as a family.  Usually it's hard to find a good family movie, but we picked a winner.  My parents and Hadara's cousins joined us for a fun family day of movies, shopping and lunch.  I even caught my 75 year old dad dancing in the middle of the store in this vlog.  Total epic!   I love his funny ways.  Plus, Hadara opens her 1st American Girl Truly Me bed that came in the mail.  Watch our entire day unfold below.  

Blessings and Shalom,