Friday, December 19, 2014

Fashion Friday {A Peppermint Twist Christmas Date}

Every year for Christmas, Ruben and I plan a special date.  We started this Christmas tradition the first year we began dating.  It's sort of sentimental for us.  Some years are simple, and some are more extravagant.  Some years we exchange gifts and other years we just enjoy each other's company.   The importance about this tradition isn't what we do together or how much money we spend, it's about being together.  

This year, Ruben's company hosted a Peppermint Twist party for all the employees at a beautiful hotel.  We decided to take this opportunity to use this event as our special Christmas date besides it fell on 12/13/14.  Too cool!  I made a fun vlog video about our evening.  You can watch it here.

It's been a while since I attended a banquet so I had so much fun getting all glamorous.  Can you see how excited I am on our way to the event?   Usually Ruben attends my Mary Kay gala events with me, but this time I got to be his guest.  The theme for the party was peppermint and the colors were red, white and black.  Ruben looked dashing in his favorite charcoal grey suit.  He also wore a white tuxedo shirt and a red silk tie he found at Ross (which totally matches my dress).  I wore a chiffon red dress which is one of my favorite oldie but goodies closet staples.   My feet sparkled in my silver princess heels.  Every woman should have some of those. . . shoes that make you feel like a Princess!   Next, I had fun with my makeup.  Who can resist red lipstick when you're dressing up for a Christmas party?   You can't tell in this photo but you can see it more in the video.  My makeup holiday look will be coming up in a tutorial this weekend.  

Overall, we had a blast!  After dinner,  we devoured a yummy white chocolate dessert.  The presentation was so pretty.  

The night was young, and we were off on the dance floor.    Ruben and I held each other close as we danced the night away.   I think that is my favorite and most romantic memory of the evening.  I could have danced all night (in Audrey Hepburn singing voice).  We so needed this evening together!  

Sometimes, we just need to get away and spend a wonderful evening with our spouse.  No kids, no interruptions, just us.  I encourage you to take some time this busy season to enjoy your spouse.  It's important to make memories with your children, and it's even more important to make memories with your spouse.  Even if you can't get away,  spend a romantic evening together at home.  Put the children early to bed.  Slip into a jazzy dress,  start the music and dance the night away . . .   Merry Christmas! 

Blessings and Shalom, 

What Christmas traditions do you share with your husband? 

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Monday, December 8, 2014

A Christmas Treat {White Chocolate Pretzel Sticks}

Hadara and I had fun mother daughter time in the kitchen Sunday making a yummy Christmas treat.  Combine pretzels, white chocolate and peppermint and what do you get?  A delicious and easy Christmas gift idea!  There's just something about the combination of salty crunchiness, white chocolate, and candy cane.  Speaking of candy canes, I love the story or legend of the candy cane and how it can relate to Jesus.  In our video today, you'll see our fun recipe and hear Hadara share the candy cane poem from Ministry to Children with you.  Thank you for watching our video here.  

I love making precious memories in the kitchen with my daughter.  We crank up the Christmas/Hanukkah playlist and plug in the lights.  We talk about the meaning of Christmas and reminisce about Christmas past while the wonderful aroma of Christmas fills the air.   During the next few weeks, I'll be taking time to enjoy my daughter, making those cherished family memories that one day I hope she'll carry on with her own family.  

This season, take some time to get messy in the kitchen with your children.  Cherish the time you have with them.  Forget the schedule, to do list, and keep it simple sweetie.  Joy truly comes from the Lord and He can give you and your family joy through this season.  No matter what you are going through during this time.  Don't allow the pressures of this world to keep you from truly enjoying what matters most.  Joy to the World, the Lord has come!  Joy to your family today and always.  

Merry Christmas!

What are some Christmas recipes you enjoy with your children?  

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Why My Daughter Won't Be Getting Frozen This Christmas

Disney's Frozen movie, never seen it.  The song, Let it go. . . never heard it.

Unbelievable right?  Where do I live?  On a deserted island or a remote jungle you may ask?

What's the big hype anyway?  So, it was a year ago.  A year ago when my eyes were opened.

Have you really researched Disney for all it's worth?

I used to be a Disney fan.  I loved Disneyland trips and we took my daughter Hadara there when she was two and for her sixth birthday.  My husband and I frequently shopped for Hadara at the Disney store and we loved the Disney channel since she watched Mickey Mouse club and the Wiggles.  We bought her all the dolls, followed all the cartoons, had a movie collection.  You know, the true Disney fans.  

Yes, we were a true Disney family.  Until one day.

One moment, one research, one article, one convicting moment.  Ugh.  Sometimes it's hard to swallow.  I was at a crossroads.  After I learned the truth . . .  do I pretend I don't know or do I change?

Have you heard the phrase, "Put your money where your mouth is?".   Now, I'm not writing this post to bash Disney.  They can do that to themselves.  I'm not here to make you feel guilty because you've seen the movie Frozen ten times or your little children love it.  No, I'm here to make a point that you can still live in this world and not get caught up in the hype of popular culture.  If you choose to make a stand.  What if we all made a stand?

I did find some startling facts about Disney and the company that does not correlate well with my beliefs and biblical views.  Therefore, I have decided to let go of my love for this company.  Yes, altogether.  

We've decided as a family a few years ago, that if we are going to invest money into a company's products, we want to give our money to companies that support our beliefs.  Yes, it may be hard to do that all the time.  Sometimes companies don't even disclose their value system.  However, those companies who come right out with their beliefs, can give us a clear answer on whether I want to do business with them.  I'm the shopper and it's my prerogative.  I may not have a choice to where all my money goes for example like our tax payer money.  That's another rotten story.  However, I can make a difference with the money I do have in my bank account and pocket book.   Every penny I spend can benefit others or cause destruction.   There is power in money.  There is power in the influence of money.  We've got the power as consumers.  Buy it or not.

It's your decision.

I'll let you google for yourself to find out about Disney.  Again, that's your choice.   The Bible says, look and you shall find, the truth shall set you free.  Look for yourself Mom.

Be wise
Don't just let what is popular today be what's popular in your home.  Set yourself apart.  The Bible says, one who waivers is like the wave of the sea, blown and tossed with the wind (James 1:6).  Instead be like the wise man (or woman) and build your house on the rock (Matthew 7:24).   And who is the rock?  Jesus and He's the only way to the Father (John 14:6).  Our popular culture can dictate us and we can become like the waves of the sea.   Just because something is popular today, doesn't make it right.

Use discernment of the Holy Spirit.  
Check yourself before you wreck yourself.  I know that's an old school cliche.  Again, evaluate your heart.  Why do you watch the movies, listen to the music or enjoy the entertainment you choose?  Are they imparting good seed into your family's lives or sowing seeds of corruption.  Only time will tell. When the harvest comes years later, whether good or bad fruit in your children were produced, it's too late.  We can't turn back the hands of time.

Be Good Stewards Now 

I challenge you during this season where many go in debt, financial stress is high and self-control jumps ship.  Stand your ground.  Decide as a family to put your money where your mouth is . . . invest in good gifts and shop for products that will bring your family closer to God.  Invest in small family business.  Support your local community.   Sow your money into good soil.  Stay on a budget.  My husband Ruben and I made this decision five years ago and we've never looked back. We have God's peace and you can too.  No matter how much money you have.

Our children are dependent upon our guidance and every decision we make affects them.  Let's teach them these timely lessons of wisdom now while they are still young.

The real letting go is placing our children in the Father's hands.

The real letting go is surrendering our lives to Jesus, the Messiah that sets us free.

The real letting go is relinquishing all control and letting God lead.  Yes, may we draw near to God and never let go!   

He leads us besides still waters.  He leads us on the straight and narrow path.  Lead us Lord, on this journey of letting go of worldly pursuits and selfish humanistic thinking.

May we let it go.

Has your family ever made a bold decision like this?

What are some ways your family takes a stand?  I want to hear about it, comment below.  

Blessings and Shalom, 

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

My Annual Mary Kay Cyber Monday Party is Here! {Purchase For A Cause}

It's time for my annual Mary Kay cyber Monday party!  
10% of my cyber Monday party sales will be donated to our special cause ministry.   This year Little Pink Casa is donating to Angel Tree Prison Fellowship, a ministry who makes sure children of parents who are in prison receive a Christmas gift.  This ministry is special to our family and close to our hearts.  If it wasn't for this ministry's help, my brother's children would not receive gifts from him at Christmas.   

Please take some time to shop from my website and feel good knowing your purchase is for a great cause.  Thank you for being a blessing to so many families.  

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Blessings and Shalom, 

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Cyber Monday Blowout!

I don't know about you, but I love shopping online in my warm and comfy home.  Pajamas and big cup of coffee accompany my shopping journey.  Aww, total shopping bliss.  :)
No matter where you are, cyber Monday are the deals worth waiting for, really!  

This year I skipped Black Friday and like last year, waited for cyber Monday to score the lowest deals.  Cyber Monday is tomorrow.  Free shipping deals and last chance specials fill the cyber world.  Here are some great deals I found for cyber Monday that I just couldn't wait to share with you!  Plus check out my annual Mary Kay cyber Monday deal and Free giveaway below too.  

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ultimate Gift Guide for Little Girls

Need some gift ideas for the little girls in your life?  Whether you're shopping for a birthday or the holidays, you always need some great gift ideas.  While my daughter Hadara and I were shopping last week before the crazy rush, she filmed a fun video of unique gifts for little girls.  You can watch her video, Ultimate Gift Guide for Little Girls here.  These gifts are fun, encourage role play imagination and keep the little in your little girl.   

Fisher-Price Nickelodeon Dora and Friends Cafe

The new Dora is older and has sweet little friends.  Hadara had outgrown Dora the Explorer and since we don't have cable t.v. or satellite, well we just don't watch the cartoons anymore.  However, this cafe play set is always great for imaginary play and we love how it is interactive. 

Fisher-Price Peppa Pig Peppa's Ballet Bag

Hadara found Peppa Pig through youtube videos and it's such a cute show about a pig family from London.  What a great gift for your little dancer.  

Just Like Home Ice Cream Parlor

Hadara loves to play kitchen or restaurant still even at nine years old.  She created her own ice-cream parlor in her room with a table and chairs and menus.  This is a great gift for girls or boys! 

Lalaloopsy Tinies Sew Royal Castle

Hadara has collected Lalaloopsy for a few years now, but she really likes the tinies collection.  This playset comes with two Tinies Cinder Slippers and Prince Handsome.   The Royal Castle small enough to tote along to Grandma's or to play with in the car.  A great travel toy.  

These cuties are precious, soft to cuddle and very big.  A doll from around the world dressed in nostalgic handcrafted goodness.  

Melissa & Doug Felt Food - Pizza Set and Sandwich Set 

Pretend play is great for all ages and this felt food is good for sensory learning.  Hadara loves play food especially when it's Italian pizza! 

Exclusive Strawberry Shortcake Berry Bitty Friends 4 Figure Mix and Match Fashion Set with 24 Pieces

Hadara loves Strawberry Shortcake and it's one of my childhood toys.  This fashion set will keep your little girl creative and busy for hours.  

Hope this gift guide helps you.  No matter which one you choose, either one will put a smile on any girl's face and keep her from growing up too fast.   Happy Shopping!! 

What are some of your top gift ideas for little girls?   Which one would you pick? 

Blessings and Shalom, 

P.S.  Check out Hadara's video:  Ultimate Gift Guide for Little Girls Here!  
Thank you for commenting and let us know if this video helped you.

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Give Thanks to the Lord!

Happy Thanksgiving Friends! 

Our family will be taking a few days off for the weekend, so I wanted to send my Thanksgiving greetings to you and your family. 

I'm hosting this year.  It's been a few years since I cooked everything, so I'm excited.  The yummy aroma of turkey baking fills the Little Pink Casa this morning.  We will have my parents and niece and nephews over.  It will be a fun day filled with kid's tables, thankfulness and cherished memories.  

Not every year can be the same, so embrace the moment.  Time flies by fast and soon the kids will be grown and life will be different.  Give thanks for every moment you have with your family.  In the good times or bad, give thanks.  

We are truly thankful to the Lord for He is good and His love endures forever.  I am reminded of a old song by Don Moen that says it so clearly:  

Give thanks with a grateful heart
Give thanks to the Holy One
Give thanks because He's given Jesus Christ, His Son

And now let the weak say, "I am strong"
Let the poor say, "I am rich
Because of what the Lord has done for us"

Give Thanks

May your family have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving! 

Blessings and Shalom, 

Looking for some fun Thanksgiving activities for your kiddos?

Thanksgiving Bible Lesson Pack

Thanksgiving Bible Coloring Pages 

Thanksgiving Ideas for Kid's Table

Testimony Time:  What are you thankful for this year?  Leave a comment.  

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